Ensemble Ibo-Lélé

c. 1950-1957 Haitian band led by Rodolph Legros. Also known as (his) Ebo Lele Group and as Ensemble Radio Commerce. It was an expansion of his former group, Trio Haiti, f.k.a. Trio HH3W, which had formed in 1938. The new group came in to being at the invitation of Hotel Ibo-Lélé owner Robert Baussan, and it played at the hotel twice a week.

Lineup: Rodolphe Legros (guitar, vocals), Ernest Lamy (accordion), Dormélas Philippe (bass), Victor Flambert (alto sax), Yves Lerebour (castanet), Richard Legros (bongo), Alexandre Legros (big drum), Félix Guignard (accordion, arrangement), Guy Durosier (arrangement).