I'm especially interested in the career of Mr. Stefan Joel Weisser (Z'EV and all the other personae he has used to produce his "acoustic phenomena") and the artists he has worked with.

Probably hard to find for me, but... Feel free to contact me if you might like to sell any of his earliest recordings,
- Aside & Beside (LP)
- 55 Buick On 5
- Sound of wind and limb (cassette)
- Oomoonoon (cassette)
- Shake, rattle & roll (VHS)
- 6 examples (VHS)
- Live at target (VHS and LP)
- Save What? (cassette)
- Life Sentence (complete box)
- The hottest night (complete box)
- ...

Myspace.com: http://www.myspace.com/je_vh

I've read it before on this site and I definitely join the club: Don't waste your time on asking, I do not make illegal copies of my stuff. thanks.